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Spice Solar with Built-In Racking®

The only installation technology that quickly connects and grounds modules in all orientations and roof types, with industry-standard roof mounts, flashings and tile hooks; even in hurricane and blizzard conditions.

50% Fewer Parts Compared to Rack Mount Systems


With Spice Solar, installers benefit from easier system design, and wicked fast installs to improve margins. For a typical 20 module residential system, the Spice Solar solution will save $350 in parts and $1,150 in labor compared to ordinary rack-mounted systems.


Manufactures selling modules with Spice Solar technology gain market advantage by offering a solution that is less expensive and faster to install -–compared to rack mounted systems, resulting in accelerated module sales, and brand differentiation over the competition.


Distributors that sell Spice Solar modules and components benefit by offering an integrated solution eliminating the complexity of configuring, stocking and shipping ordinary rack-mounted systems, thereby reducing inventory and capital costs.

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