With over 35 years of rooftop solar experience, we took a holistic view of how solar modules should be installed and created a complete integrated solar mounting solution. To build a better mounting system, rather than designing mounting components that attach to standard panels, we focused on the solar panel manufacturing process. By redesigning the solar panels to incorporate Built-in Racking, higher load capacities can be achieved — while at the same time reducing costs and supporting installations in all wind and snow zones, in all orientations roof types, using industry-standard roof mounts, flashings and tile hooks. Now in its 3rd generation, the Spice Solar solution has proven to reduce design, equipment and labor costs on every job.


Spice Solar designs the industry leading, cost effective integrated solar mounting solution that simplify rooftop solar design and installation, making it easier, faster and less expensive to implement solar power technology around the world.


Barry Cinnamon - integrated solar mounting solutionBarry Cinnamon, CEO
A long-time advocate of solar power and a widely recognized solar power expert, Mr. Cinnamon started his career in solar energy in the late 1970’s as a researcher into new flat plate and concentrating collector designs. In 2001 he founded Akeena Solar—which grew to become the largest national residential solar installer by the middle of the decade. He partnered with Westinghouse to create Westinghouse Solar in 2010, and merged the company with CBD Energy in 2012. His pioneering work on reducing costs of rooftop solar power systems led to over 30 issued or applied-for patents, including products that transformed the solar industry: Andalay, the first integrated solar mounting solution; the first UL listed AC solar panel; and the first fully “plug and play” AC solar panel. His work to reduce rooftop solar soft costs have continued at Spice Solar, where his team developed and patented the next generation of low cost solar modules with Built-in Racking.

Dave Baker, CTO
Mr. Baker has over twenty-five years of experience in the development electrical products ranging from high voltage power supplies for x-ray and electron beam sources to integrated solar module mounting systems and AC modules. His solar energy experience began eight years ago at Akeena Solar where he was Director of Product Development and key member in the development of the first commercially available integrated solar mounting solution which included blind-mate DC connections. At Westinghouse Solar he developed the second generation of racking integrated solar modules as well as the first commercially available AC module which included blind-mate AC connections.

Randy Chang, Vice President of Business Development
Over the past 25 years, Randy had developed broad expertise and connection in both semiconductor and renewable energy industry. During his semiconductor years, Randy was fab engineering manager at Motorola MOS-17, RD manager at Vanguard (VIS) and Account Manager at TSMC. Randy entered into renewable energy industry as Business Development Director at JA Solar USA in 2008 and Sales Director at Neo Solar Power in 2009. Before joining Spice Solar, he was Managing Director and Regional Sales VP of AUO Green Energy America. Randy currently owns 2Sun Energy LLC where he has served as its CEO since Nov. 2012. His current focus at 2Sun Energy is commercial/utility scale solar power plant development in Americas and Energy Efficiency Product Development. Randy holds 5 US and Taiwan patents, and he received MS in Mining and Material Science degree from NCKU, Taiwan.

Gary MullGary Mull, Vice President of Marketing
Gary has over twenty-five years of experience in the design, development, sales and marketing of technology based solutions for consumer and commercial markets. Previously, Mr. Mull served as CEO of Solar Exchange, and Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Westinghouse Solar, where he helped introduce the industry’s first integrated solar mounting solution. Prior to Westinghouse, Mr. Mull held senior leadership positions in sales and marketing roles with Emptoris/IBM, Siebel Systems, OnLink Technologies and Software Publishing Corporation. Mr. Mull holds a Bachelors degree from San Francisco State University.

Scott OswaldScott Oswald, Partner Sales
Scott has been selling rooftop solar systems to homeowners in California since 2012. His familiarity with solar modules, racking, inverters and wiring — along with the most cost effective sales and installation techniques — has helped him guide the growing network of Spice Solar dealers. Previously, Scott worked in the Semiconductor industry for a capital equipment supplier, and served in the Army as a member of an elite team of highly trained service members with both mechanical and electrical troubleshooting skills. Scott graduated from DeVry Institute of Technology with a degree in Electrical Engineering.


Jeff Wolfe, Senior Advisor
Jeff Wolfe, P.E., is Chief Operating Officer of Wilson Solarpower Corporation (WSP). WSP is developing a small-scale Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) electric generation system using a gas turbine driven by solar heated air, integrating static non-chemical storage. A recognized leader in business and policy in the solar industry, Jeff founded groSolar, a nationwide solar energy installation company, where he remains as Chairman. Under Jeff’s leadership, groSolar grew to be one of the top 5 national residential solar PV installation firms, as well as a major EPC contractor for larger projects and nationwide distributor. Jeff chairs the DG Division of SEIA, and serves on the Union of Concerned Scientists National Advisory Board. He has testified at the US Senate and state legislatures, and regularly speaks and keynotes at industry events. He has reviewed manufacturing facilities and product development for solar modules, inverters and racking systems worldwide. Prior to WSP and groSolar, Jeff consulted on $1 Billion of construction as a Partner in a national engineering firm. He has a BSME from Cornell University.

Chris Earl, Advisor
Over the past decade, Mr. Earl has been developing and implementing strategic marketing and sales efforts, and bringing numerous products and services to market across the solar industry. He was constructive in the rapid growth of residential and commercial business segments with Akeena Solar, generating demand and driving conversions in leading national markets. Mr. Earl was also pivotal in launching Andalay Solar and Westinghouse Solar nationally and internationally through the execution of multi-channel campaigns across consumer, business and certified dealer audiences. As the first graduate from the Institute of Sustainable Development at California State University Chico, Mr. Earl has a unique educational blend between the colleges of business and sciences. He received a BS in business, majoring in entrepreneurship with focuses in marketing, international business and sustainability.