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Reduce Inventory Costs and Sell Faster

With 50% fewer parts compared to rack mounted systems, Distributors selling Spice Solar modules and components eliminate the complexity of configuring, stocking and shipping ordinary rack-mounted systems, thereby reducing inventory and capital costs.

Spice Solar with Built-in Racking®

Spice Solar is the only installation technology that quickly connects and grounds modules in all orientations and roof types, with industry-standard roof mounts, flashings and tile hooks; even in hurricane and blizzard conditions. Spice Solar Certified Modules are manufactured at the factory by leading solar module companies, utilizing our patented Built-In Racking for unprecedented quality and strength. Unlike rackless systems that simply clamp on standard module frames limiting overall system strength to the stress of wind and snow loads, resulting in voided panel warranties, Spice Solar Certified Modules with Built-in-Racking achieve higher load capacities. Our innovative design reduces costs and supports installations in all wind and snow zones, in all orientations, and on all roof types. Learn more about why Spice Solar leads the industry in solar mounting technology.

Simply Better Solar

  • 50% fewer parts compared to rack mounted systems
  • Fewer parts and no rails = less inventory costs and easier shipping
  • Uses industry-standard roof mounts, flashings and tile hooks
  • Installs on all roof materials, in all orientations
  • Unprecedented strength over rackless systems – 5400 Pa wind & snow loads
  • UL 1703 and 2703 compliant, including new fire codes
  • Works with popular microinverters, optimizers and wiring
  • No special tools required


Installer Testimonials

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