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Spice Solar with Built-in-Racking

Spice Solar with Built-In-Racking® reduces the total costs of rooftop solar by integrating the racking with the modules, dramatically simplifying the installation process. Spice Solar with is the only installation technology that quickly connects and grounds modules in all orientations and roof types, with industry-standard roof mounts, flashings and tile hooks; even in hurricane and blizzard conditions.

With over 35 years of rooftop solar experience and collaboration with major solar module manufacturers, we’ve developed a complete system that includes panels from leading solar module companies that incorporate our Built-In-Racking technology, as well as all the accessories you need for a variety of roof types and module electronics. Moreover, Spice Systems are certified to UL-1703, UL-2703, CA Fire Codes, and can be installed in both portrait and landscape orientations throughout the U.S., including high snow and wind zones.

Spice Solar Modules with Built-In-Racking

Spice Solar technology makes installing rooftop solar panels faster, cheaper and more reliable by integrating the solar panel racking into the frames of the solar panels themselves. Unlike rackless systems that simply clamp on standard module frames limiting system strength to the module frame, Spice Solar Certified Modules are manufactured at the factory by leading solar module companies, utilizing our patented Built-In-Racking for unprecedented quality and strength. No more racking, mid and end clamps, transporting 20′ rails, sawing, splicing, and grounding — not to mention all the purchasing, inventory and logistics hassles that go along with this blizzard of rooftop parts.

Spice Solar with Built-in-Racking

Spice Solar Mounting Components

Spice Solar Certified Modules are installed with 2 simple parts:

Spice Solar East-West Splice
Spice Solar North-South Bracket

East West Splice – The Spice Solar E-W Splice quickly connects modules side-by-side in portrait, landscape or mixed orientations. The E-W Splice automatically aligns modules and audibly snaps into place, and is then tightened from the top with standard tools.

North-South Bracket – The Spice Solar N-S Bracket mounts on L feet and provides a rigid and grounded connecting point between module rows, minimizing the number of mounting points. The N-S Bracket automatically aligns rows and is tightened from the top with standard tools.

Spice Solar Accessories

Experienced installers know that they need accessories that work with their modules and mounting system. Microinverter/Optimizer Brackets, Offset L-Feet, Wire Management Clips and Roof Mounts are designed for Spice Compatible modules — and meet UL-2703 requirements. Visit our Solution page to view Spice Solar Accessories designed to make your job faster, easier and less expensive.

Save Money on Parts & Time on the Roof

Your Bill of Materials (BOM) for a Spice Solar system (modules, components, mounts, tax and freight) will be LESS than your BOM for an ordinary rack mounted system (modules, racking, clips, ground lugs, tax and freight). And there is no doubt you will save time because there are literally half as many parts to design, order, and install. For a typical 20 module residential system, Spice Solar will save $350 in parts costs and $1,150 in labor costs.

Spice Solar Technical Documentation

Visit our Resources page to access Spice Solar technical data including product datasheets, span tables, installation guides and much more.

See For Yourself

Take a look at our video to see how fast and easy it is to install rooftop solar using Spice Solar.

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