Spice Solar Technology for Solar Module Manufactures

Differentiate Your Brand

With increased market competition and continued reduction in solar panel prices, the solar panel market has become highly commoditized. Maintaining margins and establishing brand differentiation in a commodity market can be extremely challenging.

To gain market advantage, solar module manufactures producing panels that incorporate Spice Solar technology gain market advantage by offering a differentiated product that is less expensive and faster to install –compared to ordinary rack mounted systems, resulting in accelerated module sales, increased margins, and brand differentiation over the competition.

Spice Solar with Built-in Racking®

Spice Solar Certified Modules are manufactured at the factory by leading solar module manufactures, utilizing our patented Built-In Racking for unprecedented quality and strength. Modules with Spice frames install faster than ordinary modules with fewer parts, saving rooftop installers $0.30/watt or more on every job. Installers only need to stock one system on their trucks that works on all residential roof types, both portrait and landscape orientations, and all typical wind and snow conditions. Modules snap together in rows and columns, can handle up to 72” attachment spans, and need only one grounding point for each array. Compliant with the latest U.S. safety requirements, including UL-1703, UL-2703 and Class A Fire Codes. Learn more about why Spice Solar leads the industry in solar mounting technology.

Spice Solar with Built-in-Racking Technology for Solar Module Manufactures

Benefits Your Customers Demand

  • 50% fewer parts compared to rack mounted systems
  • Streamlines design, purchasing and logistics
  • Installs in Portrait, Landscape and mixed orientations
  • Installs on all roof materials
  • Uses industry-standard roof mounts, flashings and tile hooks
  • Integrates module grounding – One lug bonds the entire array
  • Fewer roof penetrations, fast layout and leveling
  • Easily remove modules from the middle of a row
  • Unprecedented strength over rackless systems – 5400 Pa wind and snow loads
  • UL 1703 and 2703 compliant, including new fire codes
  • Works with popular microinverters, optimizers and wiring
  • No special tools required
  • Fewer parts and no rails = easy ordering, less inventory costs and easier shipping for your distribution partners

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