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The Solar Eclipse Is Increasing Solar Prices

While millions of Americans were using cereal boxes, telescopes, and flimsy plastic solar viewing glasses to witness the Solar Eclipse of a century, our POTUS was staring directly into the sun's bright cosmic glare. I'm not surprised that Trump decided to take a...

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SolarRoofHook with Rick Gentry

With much higher volume manufacturing, prices for solar panels have come down tremendously over the past 20 years -- from about $1,000 each to less than $200. But solar panels are still very time consuming to install on a roof in a way that will last 25+ years without...

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LG Battery Storage with Linh Tran

20 years ago the problem with rooftop solar was that customers needed a large collection of lead acid batteries to store their daytime energy and use this energy at night. But simple net metering rules made it possible for the electric grid to function as a 100%...

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Improving Local Grid Reliability

Our local electric grid is not up to the 21st century demands of EVs, more air conditioning requirements, heat pumps instead of natural gas furnaces, and rooftop solar. In general, we have plenty of power, especially with inexpensive electricity from solar and wind....

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Enphase Battery Storage System Review

Future energy sources in our homes and businesses will be a combination of rooftop solar, battery storage and power delivered by the local utility. Reliable and affordable battery storage has -- to date – limited this vision to just solar and utility power. But...

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Best EV for the Money

In spite of the fact that it’s neither fast nor furious, the Chevy Bolt is currently the most practical and economical Electric Vehicle. Hybrids (like the Volt and Prius) and pure EVs (like the Bolt and Teslas) have seen phenomenal growth over the past decade. Their...

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Tesla Solar Roof Tiles – Customer and Installer Perspectives

There’s no doubt in my mind that the home of the future will be solar powered. Intuitively it would be great if the roofing material provided that solar power. But historically it’s been a challenge to combine efficient solar cells with a durable roofing material at...

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About The Energy Show

Barry Cinnamon has been blogging about the Solar Industry since 2007.

Barry hosts The Energy Show, a weekly 30 minute talk show that runs every Saturday at 1:30 PM and Sunday at 8:30 AM on KDOW Radio AM in San Jose California, and the Renewable Energy World Network.

Every week Barry provides practical money-saving tips on ways to reduce your home and business energy consumption.

Barry Cinnamon heads up Cinnamon Solar (a San Jose residential C-46 solar contractor) and Spice Solar (suppliers of built-in solar racking technology). After 10,000+ installations at Akeena Solar and Westinghouse Solar, he's developed a pretty good perspective on the real-world economics of rooftop solar -- as well as the best products and services for homeowners, manufacturers and installers. His rooftop tinkering led to the development of integrated racking (released in 2007), AC solar modules (released in 2009), and Spice Solar (the fastest way to install rooftop solar modules).

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