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Public Safety Power Shutoff Programs

California utility companies recently announced their Public Safety Power Shutoff programs across the state. Bloomberg News said “California May Go Dark This Summer and Most People Aren’t Ready.” California’s Governor Gavin Newsom was quoted as saying “I’m worried. We...

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Electric Panel Upgrade – With Sue Kateley

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions we need to electrify all of our buildings. New electric appliances — such as heat pumps and induction stoves — are often less expensive to operate than conventional natural gas appliances. For example, at $2/therm for natural gas and...

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Lose the Gas Furnace, Install a Heat Pump

Natural gas furnaces for heating are the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases generated by homes and offices. Until recently, these furnaces were state-of-the-art, having replaced oil burners, which replaced coal furnaces, which replaced wood stoves. Heating,...

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Installing Solar on Flat Roof Commercial Buildings

Every time I fly into a city I’m amazed at the number of naked, white, empty flat commercial rooftops that should be producing megawatts of power. Even in solar friendly cities such as San Jose there are only a few blue rooftops that one can see from the air. On this...

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Home Energy Analytics with Steve Schmidt

Cities and states all over the country are making a big push to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions in both new and existing buildings. Not only are these changes a necessity to slow down global warming trends, but in many cases building energy costs are also...

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Energy Vampires in your Home

We’re talking about VAMPIRES on this week’s show — energy vampires. I know, it’s not Halloween yet, but these little energy suckers are insidious. I guarantee that you have dozens of little devices plugged into your home that are using a small amount of standby power,...

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Second Biggest Energy Hog – Your Pool

After your heating and cooling system, the next biggest energy hog in most homes is your swimming pool. I won’t feel bad if you skip this podcast if you don’t have a swimming pool — unless you’re an energy geek like me. My recent experiences addressing the energy...

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Avoiding Battery Storage Installation Mistakes

Upcoming electric rate changes mean that almost every home and business will eventually benefit from a battery connected to their solar system. These combined systems provide tangible economic benefits: time shifting energy use, energy arbitrage, preserving the...

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About The Energy Show

Barry Cinnamon has been blogging about the Solar Industry since 2007.

Barry hosts The Energy Show, a weekly 30 minute talk show that runs every Saturday at 1:30 PM on KDOW Radio AM in San Jose California.

Every week Barry provides practical money-saving tips on ways to reduce your home and business energy consumption.

Barry Cinnamon heads up Cinnamon Solar (a San Jose residential and commercial solar and energy storage contractor) and Spice Solar (suppliers of built-in solar racking technology). After 10,000+ installations at Akeena Solar and Westinghouse Solar, he’s developed a pretty good perspective on the real-world economics of rooftop solar — as well as the best products and services for homeowners, manufacturers and installers. His rooftop tinkering led to the development of integrated racking (released in 2007), AC solar modules (released in 2009), and Spice Solar (the fastest way to install rooftop solar modules).

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