Spice Solar with Built-in-Racking®

No Rails, No Grounding, No Hassles!

The only installation technology that quickly connects and grounds modules in all orientations and roof types, with industry-standard roof mounts, flashings and tile hooks; even in hurricane and blizzard conditions.

Spice Solar Modules

Unlike rackless systems that simply clamp on standard module frames limiting system strength to the module frame, Spice Solar Certified Modules are manufactured at the factory by leading solar module companies, utilizing our patented Built-In Racking for unprecedented quality and strength.

  • Rails are built-in
  • Less expensive parts and labor
  • Works on all roof types and orientations with standard roof mounts
  • UL-2703 grounding, mounting and fire code compliant
  • Designed for high wind and snow locations

Mounts with 2 Simple Parts

East-West Splice

Spice Solar East-West Splice
  • Quickly connects modules side-by-side in portrait, landscape or mixed orientations
  • Automatically aligns modules and audibly snaps into place, then tightened from the top with standard tools
  • Integrated grounding between panels

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North-South Bracket

Spice Solar North-South Bracket
  • Mounts on L feet
  • Provides a rigid and grounded connecting point between module rows
  • Minimizes mounting points and automatically aligns rows
  • Integrates grounding between rows
  • Tightened from the top with standard tools

Ships on a Single Pallet

Eliminates Inventory, Kitting & Logistics Hassles

  • An entire rooftop system ships on a single pallet
  • No rail to store, cut, assemble
  • All mounting hardware required for the installation are packaged into easy-to-carry boxes
  • Kits are lightweight and are packed in sizes to minimize extra or leftover parts

Spice Solar Accessories

The Spice Solar L Foot connects securely to the side of each Spice Certified module. The L Foot can be attached to a variety of roof mounts, including flashings, standoffs and tile hooks. Thick base of L Foot resists high pry forces, and side ridges engage with matching ridges on module frame for added vertical strength.

Spice Solar Wire Management Clips are stainless steel spring clips that snap on the Spice Certified module frame making wire management wicked fast!

The Spice Solar Microinverter-Optimizer Bracket connects securely to the side of each Spice Certified module. The bracket is designed to fit all popular microinverters and optimizers.

The Spice Solar Offset L Foot is used when the rafter location is aligned between two modules, making it difficult to attach the L Foot to the lower groove in the module. The Offset L Foot can be attached to a variety of roof mounts, including flashings, standoffs and tile hooks.

An optional aesthetic element for front of array.

Spice Solar For Commercial Metal Roofs

Click here to learn how Spice Solar can reduce part costs by $0.05/watt – And deliver significant labor savings on commercial metal roof Installations.

Spice Solar Technical Documentation

Visit our Resources page to access Spice Solar technical data including product datasheets, span tables, installation guides and much more.

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